Thrive Market Intelligence has just secured its first international client. Thrive is working with a company from Dubai, brought to them directly from this newly launched website. According to the client, they chose to contact Thrive specifically because of the simplicity of the information presented and felt they would get the individual attention needed. Thrive’s research involves securing a business location in Rockford for this global client. Owned and operated by April Glosser since 2007, Thrive expanded this year with the leasing of office space and the hiring of staff. “When I brought someone on board, one of our first objectives was to launch a new website. Not just any website….an effective website. Securing this client, assures me we did just that,” commented Glosser. “I am very pleased that after three years, we launched a new website and in less than three months it brought us business from someplace we could have never imagined. We are thrilled to be assisting in bringing a new company to the state of Illinois.” Glosser shared.