"By working with our clients on an ongoing basis, we become integrated into their team."

April Glosser

President & CEO, is a certified Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP2) (one of only 430 in the world certified at the highest level). Upon graduating from college with a degree in biology, April worked as a chemist in a small laboratory. Her foundation in science equipped her with analytical skills applicable to the business world. In her career, she has helped companies grow market share, take business from competitors and enter new markets. Her creative approach allows her to anticipate trends and leverage technology to drive clients’ growth. Thrive’s clients rely on April’s relentless dedication and valuable insights. 

Sarah Krup

CPO, is a certified project management professional (PMP) with extensive experience leading teams to define and implement effective solutions. Sarah's background is both technical and strategic. She started her career as a small business owner serving varied industries including legal, aerospace and printing. From there, she moved to a large corporation. She led cross-functional teams developing web-based solutions and supporting business intelligence with an enterprise data warehouse. Sarah's unique combinations of strategic vision, analysis, and management skills make her well-suited to translate Thrive's clients' needs into quality results.

Jen Eckerd

Vice President, graduate of Judson University with superior organizational skills and attention to detail. Jen leverages her extensive experience working directly with executives to consolidate a large amount of data into usable and actionable results. Her background in customer service, human resources and executive search provide Thrive's clients with critical thinking, proficient project management and creative process improvement. 


Crystal Whiteboard

Crystal joined us when we did an office remodel late last year. She is open to all of our ideas and has been highly utilized by all the team members.  She is in the office non-stop and always at the disposal of our entire team.  She joins most of our meetings and helps the team turn information in to insight.  She tends to get a bit messy during her creative process, but cleans up well.